by Avery Khuan
Look at the stars
Look how they shine for you
And everything you do
Yeah they were all yellow
I came along
I wrote a song for you
And all the things you do
And it was called "Yellow"
      -  Yellow, Coldplay

In colour theory, you get yellow by mixing red and green together; two complementary colours to form a harmonious hue. And indeed, yellow is the colour of harmony, joy, happiness, courage and hope. It is the colour of the twinkling stars in the night sky, the happy bumblebee, the dancing daffodils; it lifts your spirits and brightens your day. From the rich, warm tones of pampas grass to the vibrant, joyful hues of the dancing ladies, James & Sheryl chose to infuse their once-in-a-lifetime day in yellow. 

Harmony: The Wedding

Decked in hues of red and highlighted by the golden brown of the pampas grass, It was a beautifully solemn ceremony as Sheryl walked with the grace and elegance of a thousand royals to say “I do” to James in front of the congregation and before God. Sheryl’s bouquet of white and greens with the bohemian decor of red and pampas gold only served to highlight their union and the play on colours. Where before they were two separate individuals, they were married into a single, joyous hue and relationship. 

Sheryl and James outfitted their dinner reception in wondrous hues and shades of yellow from the royal gold to the humble pampas brown, a reflection of how far they’ve come in their journey as a couple and their union from this moment forth. It was a testament to the strength, happiness and love that they have shared and want to share with their guests, friends and family. 

Courage: The Past

Sheryl is kind, considerate and generous with her time, patience and love. She listens to someone speak with her full attention and is always ready with a laugh and a smile. James is the stoic to her effervescence; he is attentive, detailed, respectful and dare we even say, a little romantic. 

After all, James and Sheryl had met nine years ago in primary school and even back then, James was already in love with Sheryl. She was his first crush. As they walked into the ballroom for the second time as husband and wife, James had a surprise for Sheryl: a simple video about how they met and his love for her. About their proposal, he says, “You took my world and returned it to me in one word: Yes” and on the last slide, he writes: “Sheryl, my first crush, my last crush, till the end of this world.” 

Joy & Happiness: The Present

But, perhaps we’re veering in a bit of cheesiness here but James and Sheryl share the kind of love written about in novels and romantic comedies. It is the kind of love described in memes as “I wish someone would look at me the way Eugene looks at Rapunzel,” and growing old together. Their joy and happiness is contagious; their love for each other inspiring. 

Hope: The Future

Little did Coldplay know that when they wrote their hit song, Yellow, it would fit James & Sheryl so perfectly. The story that Chris Martin tells about what “yellow” means in the song is that there is no meaning at all. He tried to change “yellow” to something else but in the end, “yellow” was the only word that sounded right in the music and lyrics. Just like with the matters of the heart, James and Sheryl are the right fit for each other and love plays out in funny ways: from when a little boy of nine fell in love with his classmate, meeting her thirteen years later and saying, “I do.”

It was all yellow.

Church Venue: Holy Trinity Bukit Bintang
Dinner Venue: Four Seasons KL
Planning and Coordination: Moments
Church Decor: Dayco
Backdrop, Arch and Cake Table Decor: Dayco
Table Décor and Pedestal Stands: Spring Cottage
Stage Décor Wishing Tree
Photography: Jasmine A Photography
Videography: Gatz Productions