If We Were A Movie

By Avery Khuan

In the grand scheme of love stories and meet-cutes, every couple that comes to us has a story of how they met, how they fell in love and the things they have in common. For some, it was love at first sight over a cup of coffee and for others, it’s Maggi Mee and ramen at midnight over cups of Milo. For Jinn and Chloe, it is Wes Anderson’s movies.

Whimsical, quirky and dreamy, Jinn and Chloe's wedding reception is a scene plucked from a movie, specifically, a Wes Anderson movie. A Bohemian-styled teepee marked the ceremony area with an aisle made of carpets in varied shades, colours and patterns that lent a carefree, festival-like vibe to the mystical and fairytale air created by the colour palette they had chosen. Modelled after Wes Anderson's clever use of colour in his films, Jinn and Chloe's kept their colours in matching dusty, faded and pastel hues, with bright and sudden pops of colour for flavour.

Unlike in movies, some of life and love's greatest moments remain unscripted. Try as he might, Jinn could not stop crying throughout the ceremony starting from the moment Chloe's talented bridesmaids sang "Que Sera Sera" until it was time to say his vows! The ceremony was made even more special with Jinn's father as the officiant, imparting his truth, knowledge and wisdom in hilarious anecdotes and touching stories.

Like a movie with parts one and two, the dinner reception followed the ceremony with even more whimsy and delight. Icicle fairylights filled the ceiling of the hall, creating the most magical and dream-like atmosphere as the sun went down. It was almost as if the guests were dining under a blanket of stars. In lieu of table numbers, Jinn and Chloe labelled each guest table with a Wes Anderson film like Moonrise Kingdom, The Grand Budapest Hotel and Fantastic Mr Fox.

The dinner reception was the fun to the ceremony's emotional; filled with dancing, speeches from their closest friends and more dancing the night away.

With its lush forest greenery and sturdy timber frames, Tanarimba in Janda Baik proved to be the perfect canvas for Jinn and Chloe to star in their own film – one about their love and their life: their story. Because, at heart, Wes Anderson’s quirky and whimsical films are moving stories about love in all its forms whether romantic, platonic or familial.

Venue: Tanarimba, Janda Baik
Wedding Planning and Coordination: Moments
Photography: Chong Yee Photography
Videography: Beni Films
Décor: Spring Cottage