Saying I Do

10 February 2016
by Eunice

Those two words literally go a long way. Two simple words that carry a promise, an agreement, a commitment, and most importantly, a choice made. Love is a choice; a conscious effort to care, to be patient, to accept each other’s flaws, to compromise, to commit, to share and listen, to build trust, and the list goes on. I used to think that this choice is a simple one. But when you venture deeper into a relationship with the one person you decide to love for the rest of your life, it doesn’t seem to be that easy anymore. It grows a notch deeper. It is true when some say that you stick with that person because it becomes routine, a sense of familiarity. Speaking from experience, familiarity somehow dilutes "love". But only then is it a conscious effort when you choose to continue loving that same person you know from the inside out, accepting all flaws and imperfections wholly, not just because it is how love should be, but because you are equally as flawed.

I believe the closest meaning of real love and the two words "I do" is, sacrificial love. A person by the name of Michael Springer once wrote this, "To truly understand and be able to share love takes the sacrifice of one's self. It's realizing that love isn't about you or what you can get. It's about others and what you have to give." As for Jian Yi and Justina, sacrificial love was what it took for them to agree saying “I do”.

“Eleven years we have been together, and each passing year our love grew deeper. A lifetime with you should not be a concern, to be loved, to love another, I can never learn. My eyes will not wander, my lips shall only hunger yours, and my shoulders shall be your shelter, while my heart will be truly yours. There will be time of differences, conflict, anger, and even tears. Feelings might even fade in time, but not to worry my love; loving you is my decision for a lifetime. These legs will always lead me back to you while my arms are ever ready to embrace. For affection, for reconciliation, preaching onto you will always be my saving grace”.
Such were the words of his vow.

Jian Yi and Justina mirrored the epitome of classic love. She, petite and elegant, carries eyes like those of a doe and lips of an angel when it curls into a smile. As for him, he emits a strong charisma and masculinity. He somewhat reminds me of an Asian version of Clark Kent; smart, witty and charming. Together, they make a beautiful duo.

On that perfect morning of 26th September 2015, the hall was dressed in beautiful light bulbs that were strung across the hall and elements of blush pink hues with a tinge of matte gold enhanced the church’s rustic brick walls and black metal bars. It was a classic.

A romantic string quarter serenaded the hall with an instrumental version of Canon in D to which the bridal party gracefully marched in to, followed by the belle of the ball, Justina who looked breathtakingly elegant in her custom made French lace and tulle gown. The look on Jian Yi’s face when he saw his bride, was one face that would be rather difficult to forget.

This wedding was one of those weddings that captured everything perfectly, and it would probably be one of the quintessential weddings depicting love, elegance and style. From beautiful dresses to the pretty little details, from performances to handwritten vows, and from design to delivery, it was spot on. I prefer to let you avid readers feast on a celebration of pictures below:-

One last thing though before signing off. I know, it sometimes seems so superficial that all these wedding stories look too perfect to be true and some moments may seem so surreal, as though it was meant for a fiction novel rather than a testimony of an actual happening. Sometimes, it gets so surreal that we sadistically bring in the reality and wonder how long does all these honey-coating last. I guess folks, it is good to go back to the basics, to remind ourselves of the initial goals and foundations we’ve chosen to lay, and most importantly, the reason behind saying those two words, as well as the choice and promise of saying, “I Do”. Well. They graced through for eleven years, and now, forevermore ☺

Cheers, Jian Yi and Justina Seow.

Church Ceremony: City Harvest KL
Wedding Coordinator & Decorator: Moments
Photography: NDrew Photography
Videography: Gozphy Visual
Make up Artist: Joey