Gideon & Adrienna

29 January 2015 (by Eunice)


Time really flies! And in the blink of an eye, we find ourselves greeting a new year once again, and new chapters in our lives. And as for me, I’ve taken up the baton of accepting this challenge as the newest addition to Moments!

I must say, I have pondered a couple of times, what makes a beautiful and God-centred marriage? For one, the decision and commitment to spend the rest of your life with that other significant person isn’t something simple or to be taken lightly. But as for this particular day , 10th of January 2015, I saw that what Gideon and Adrienna had to offer to each other was more than just the exchanging of rings or the pretty little details. It was that promise they made to each other, to stick through thick and thin, and to make God, who is their source of strength, the centre of their new journey together.

The wedding was hosted at a Javanese cum Western inspired bungalow which had the perfect elements for this whimsical occasion. The rays from the morning sun shone perfectly through the trees and cast a beautiful glow on the paper dollies.

Wooden ladders and crates entwined with ivy vines set up for the photobooth complemented the overall vibe, like a missing piece of jigsaw puzzle.

Rows of white rustic chivalry chairs which lined the aisle added a touch of elegance, and as friends and family started to pour in, filling the seats, the beautiful anticipation filled the air.

However, putting aside the gorgeous decorations, what stood out on this particular day was the friendship and togetherness that the bridesmaids and groomsmen had to offer. It was truly moving to see the close-knit bonds between them and the couple, and how jokes they threw at each other and familial advice they had for one another reflected where their friendship stood with one another.

Often we forget, that at times, a beautiful wedding actually comes down to the people who are a part of that significant day. As for Gideon and Adrienna, the effort, love and unity that their fellow comrades had to offer was the highlight of this day.

Even as they now embark on a new journey together, let us wish them lots of love, laughter and happiness. As for us herein at Moments, we are honoured to be a part of their special day and are ever more inspired to create more beautiful moments.

Enjoy indulging in these beautiful pictures!

Planning and styling/decoration : Moments Team
Photography : Nigel Lim
Live band : Brian Mak and friends
Music and Sound : Darren Yong