About us

Moments was founded by two sister (in-laws), Tricia & Evelyn, who have all the intention to collate their ideas and inspirations to bring greater good to the world and make people happy. Both graduated with non-wedding planning degrees, and it was not until their respective weddings that they were inspired to start this.

Being in your shoes before, we truly understand your wishes, and can easily integrate your vision with our expertise to create a truly unique moment. It is a privilege to create beauty and experience joy alongside a whole list of amazing vendors and call this work. Indeed, we are truly blessed! :)

A Little Bit of Us!


Tricia has an innate ability to connect the dots between clients and vendor, between complex creative ideas and the steps to pulling them off. With a focus on client service, she aims to provide personalized attention throughout the planning process. She utilizes her organizational skills and calm demeanor to make sure everything is executed flawlessly.


Evelyn constantly finds it difficult to strike a balance between celebration and adrenaline rush and is most happy when she connects with people and get to be a part of their lives in big ways. Her personal event planning philosophy is rooted in the huge moments of life that are punctuated with joy and the beautiful details that matters much on your big day!

Lai Ling

There’s something about Lai Ling and organization details that intrigues her to no end. There’s no one as calm, composed and yet still as charismatic as this beauty. Being the steady one, there ain’t no mountains nor boulders that would make her flinch or falter.


Fran has a passion for event planning and has always been a planner at heart, coordinating family, events, friends and vacations. She is very attentive to details whenever she coordinates an event and is absolutely zealous about seeing all of it come together nicely for the client. She’s also secretly an awesome baker that has a big heart when it comes to giving!


Carina is passionate about creating flawless weddings, no matter what the size of the budget is. We constantly rave about her skills and great taste, as well as her ability to accommodate new creative ideas and bring them to life. She beautifully crafts and captures moments just as you want to remember them.


Being always the ‘Yes’ girl that constantly compromises yet emits warmth and compassion to those around her, Eunice is one visualizer that holds the talent to create all things unique and carries with her a gift of words and writing. We absolutely love this brainchild who never fails to place people above herself.

Li Wei

Li Wei has a flair for beauty and all things fancy. Every story is unique and that is what inspires her creativity. She brings with her a perspective from a creative design angle and has an exceptional eye for the beauty in every person she comes across.